Experts share textile processing improvements at World Water Day event

11 April 2017

Results and experience from Solidaridad’s award-winning textile programme The Better Mill Initiative were presented at the “Why Wastewater? Special Event in Support of the World Water Day 2017” in Shanghai.

Organized by the Green Initiative in March, the event was also supported by Roca, founder of the We Are Water Foundation. This event was focused on the topic of wastewater to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources, as well as the need to reduce and reuse wastewater.

Enxue Wang, programme manager for Solidaridad China, shared methods and achievements during a presentation on “Better Mill initiative - Improving water management in the printing and dyeing industry”.

The Better Mill Initiative was able to implement specific water-saving practices with relatively short payback period, proving that maintaining sustainable production while gaining economic benefits is possible.

To ensure long-term water conservation, multi-stakeholder dialogue and partnerships are needed to share responsibilities, costs and benefits among all stakeholders along the value chain.

Learn more about Solidaridad programmes in China.

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