Ghana commission signs MoU with Solidaridad to promote responsible mining

The Minerals Commission of Ghana signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Solidaridad to promote responsible mining practices in small-scale gold mines. The MoU formalizes an ongoing relationship with Solidaridad to support licensed small-scale gold mining companies in operating responsibly.

Solidaridad Regional Director Gyamfi and Minerals Commission CEO Dr Aubynn proud to initiate a new collaboration.

Solidaridad has run a gold programme in Ghana since 2012. The overall objective of the programme is to improve the livelihoods of small-scale miners and their communities. In order to achieve this, Solidaridad works with small-scale mines with the aim to improve environmental, safety, social and business practices and build better relationships using the Fairmined standard for gold as a tool.

The Fairmined Standard is an international voluntary standard for gold that promotes responsible business practices such as formal and legal mining operations, human rights, labour rights, environmental protection, health and safety, among others.

Looking toward the future

In the next four years, Solidaridad will implement projects aimed at improving the livelihoods of small-scale miners by promoting responsible mining practices, assisting in the development of mining communities, facilitating access to technical and financial services for small-scale mines and engaging with various stakeholders to help find policy solutions to land issues in the sector.

As a result of its role in regulating and managing the utilization of the mineral resources of Ghana and the coordination of related policies, the Minerals Commission will assist Solidaridad in the implementation of its local gold programme.

A strong commitment

Speaking at the brief signing ceremony in Accra, the Chief Executive Officer of the Minerals Commission, Dr Toni Aubynn, said that provisions in the MOU will only be beneficial if they are implemented. He promised that the Minerals Commission is committed to ensuring the thrust of the MoU is achieved. He thanked Solidaridad for the opportunity to collaborate with the Commission to ensure the developmental benefits of small-scale mining are harnessed.

For his part, the Regional Director of Solidaridad West Africa, Isaac Gyamfi, noted that with Solidaridad’s experience in building the capacity of small-scale mines for operating responsibly, he is confident that if small-scale mines in Ghana are exposed to the right health, safety and environmental standards, they will be able to mine responsibly without having negative effects on the environment or on the health and safety of workers.

“Together we can work to ensure that small-scale gold mining preserves the environment and improves the livelihood of mining communities,“ Gyamfi said.

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