New Webinar explores how Ethiopia can become a sustainable textile hub

Can Ethiopia become a sustainable textile hub for European brands? Join this webinar which invites speakers from major buyer Scan-Thor / Otto to offer their views on sourcing from Ethiopia.

How do companies go about doing business in Ethiopia? What are the main challenges they face? Can they combine sourcing with their sustainability and ethical standards? And could Ethiopia offer a template for how we can do sourcing better in the future? These are the questions that guide the EU-funded Bottom Up! Programme, and have inspired this exciting new webinar:

Title: The Future of Sourcing from Africa – conditions for a successful textile supply chain from Ethiopia

When: 13:00 – 14:30 CEST, 17 September 2020

Annika Schwagerl, Fashion Director at European buying company Scan-Thor / Otto and Nursema Cill, Country Manager for Ethiopia will share their experiences working in the Ethiopian fashion and textile sector and their vision for the future of sourcing from Africa and establishing a value chain built on innovation and sustainable long-term collaboration.

If you represent a buying company in Europe, the Bottom Up! programme invites you to attend to fascinating dive into what it takes to source successfully from Ethiopia.

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The webinar is organised by the Danish Ethical Trading Initiative together with the Bottom UP! partners, Solidaridad and MVO Nederland, with the support of the European Union.

Bottom UP! is designed to help Ethiopian factories improve their environmental and ethical standards by developing sustainable and equitable production processes. It supports improving workers rights and work conditions and encourages the use of sustainably grown cotton through workshops, technical support, and awareness raising among European consumers. Bottom Up! works with 14 producers, 19,200 workers and 2,000 farmers to prevent a race to the bottom in Ethiopia. Learn more here.