Join us! Follow our new Latin America LinkedIn page

Michaelyn Baur, Managing Director for Central America, introduces Solidaridad’s Spanish-language LinkedIn showcase page, sharing all the latest from Latin America.

Welcome to Solidaridad Latin America’s official LinkedIn page! We are excited to have this space to share our work across Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean, and South America. Our focus in Latin America spans multiple countries, commodity sectors, and thematic  areas, and we are fortunate to be part of a global network from which we can harvest the best ideas, tools and methodologies to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, circular and green economy for all the stakeholders involved in the value chains in which we work. 

Evolving rapidly: Change that matters

Recently, Solidaridad celebrated its 50th anniversary, which recognized our roots in the transformation of global supply chains and celebrated our evolution as an organization. Fifty years ago, Solidaridad was focused on supporting workers rights as part of a larger human rights agenda. 

Over the course of our existence, we have seen the world change around us. While we initially focused on poverty alleviation, we acknowledge that there are so many other pressing and interconnected problems to solve globally. Solidaridad now aims to find and implement solutions within global value chains that systemically and positively address food insecurity, climate change, access to natural resources, biodiversity conservation, gender and social inclusion, and living wage.

Partnering for sustainability

Solidaridad works with supply chains that impact millions around the world, seeking to build a dignified life for producers and workers in a way that will benefit everyone, from the producer all the way to the end-consumer – a consumer that increasingly demands sustainability in the products that he or she chooses to buy. 

Through partnership can we achieve the goal of an equitable and inclusive society and an economy that is regenerative and delivers value to all actors along the supply chain and all communities that are within the area of their influence. We are convinced  that if we can get these supply chains and all of their associated issues right, that we can transform the global economy, taking into account not only the existing population but also future generations.

Join us, for change that matters

We hope the launch of this LinkedIn page will be a major source of interaction with existing and potential partners. We will regularly post updates on our work, share news and information from partner organizations, and publish articles and opinion pieces to help stimulate our collective commitment to action across Latin America and globally.

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