Solidaridad works to create sustainable supply chains from the producers to consumers.

  • Producers

    Sustainable land use, better living and working conditions, food security, dynamic producer organizations

    • Training
    • Strengthening organizations
    • Developing regional food markets
    • Reinforcing market positions
  • Traders

    Fair and Transparent Trade

    • Direct contact with sustainable producers and buyers
    • Increasing the supply of sustainable raw materials
    • Getting sustainable raw materials from source to consumer
  • Companies

    Corporate social responsibility, bio-based economy

    • Do business with sustainable producers and traders
    • Increase the supply of sustainable raw materials
    • Communicate and market sustainability
  • Consumers

    Conscious consumption

    • Raise awareness about sources and production methods of sustainable products
    • Support labels
    • Raise awareness about what to buy
  • Cotton

    Cotton generates income for producers and comfort for consumers

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  • Livestock

    A growing sector poised to sustainably balance the planet, people, and profits

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  • Tea

    Making the world's second most popular beverage more sustainable

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  • Sugarcane

    Sugarcane is highly versatile crop used to make food, fuel, paper, and plastic

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  • Fruit & Vegetables

    Sowing sustainable nutrition across diverse agricultural sectors

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  • Gold

    Join us in helping make the true value of gold shine for all who are touched by it

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  • Soy

    Helping industries source sustainable soy and farmers create better livelihoods

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  • Cocoa

    Together we can secure the future of cocoa farming

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  • Textiles

    Making sustainable textile production more fashionable

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  • Palm Oil

    The true potential of the most used and fastest growing vegetable oil

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  • Aquaculture

    Sourcing sustainable fish and shrimp from the seas

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  • Dairy

    Change from within the dairy market can improve the livelihoods

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  • Coffee

    Coffee is our oldest programme

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