Resilience and Persistence Shine Through in Solidaridad 2020 Annual Report

When the Covid-19 pandemic ground the world to a halt in the first quarter of 2020, Solidaridad rode the wave, with the rest of the world, to assess what work and life would look like in the new normal. We took on tremendous new challenges to create supportive and flexible work environments, and pivoted quickly to meet the new and urgent needs of smallholder producers left hanging by a world in crisis.

Following our record-breaking year in 2019, Solidaridad pulled together to push the limits further in 2020, amidst global crisis; we trained 900,000 smallholder producers to adopt good mining, agricultural and also management practices, and brought 2 million hectares under sustainable management. We deepened our engagement with civic space, convening and participating in 147 multi-stakeholder dialogues and submitting 76 public and private policy proposals and recommendations. There is so much to be proud of from this year, with the resilience and perseverance of our teams in over 40 countries shining through in their results.


  • 7,500 East African coffee farmers connected with 225,000+ Euros through the establishment of 300 Village Savings and Loan Associations
  • 51 percent increase in gross income for cocoa farming families in South America following technical assistance to adopt low-carbon practices
  • 39 issues to brought to European policy makers, and three new smallholder-centered regulations introduced
  • 500,000+ smallholder farmers supported to adopt good agricultural practices across eight countries in Asia

When we come together and listen to smallholders and workers, when we collaborate across sectors and levels, and make decisions based on evidence and continuous learning, we can meet this moment.

Board Chair, Mariam Dao Gabala

The path ahead

We mark 2020 in our minds as a transformative year, which woke the world up to realities that many of us have recognized for years—from shocking socioeconomic inequities to the dire and far reaching consequences of environmental degradation. We close the chapter with gratitude for the resilience and partnership that brought us through, and an unwavering commitment to amplifying and centering the voice of smallholder producers and workers.

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