Solidaridad and QuizRR offer digital training for worker rights

Solidaridad and QuizRR announced a new collaboration that will provide business opportunities for the European textile industry to meet their sustainability commitments while offering solutions based on measurable and scalable training for decent working conditions, safe workplaces and fair wages in developing markets.

Companies engaging in developing markets often lack tools to develop and secure functioning systems for workers’ rights, safety and health, as well as dialogue opportunities and attention for living wages. In addition, companies often struggle to meet the increasing demands of compliance.

At the same time, many employees in factories producing commodities for global companies are not aware or their rights and responsibilities. This is a risk, not only for the people working in the factories but also for factory owners, sourcing companies and for countries involved in global trade.

The only way forward is through collaboration and global partnerships between organizations and businesses that realize the benefits of dialogue and fair working conditions. It’s about stepping up from compliance and developing leadership in social sustainability to become role models and drivers of change. The collaboration between Solidaridad and QuizRR will take businesses beyond audit to integrated sustainable practices.” – Sofie Nordström, founder and deputy CEO at QuizRR

The joint effort allows for training greater numbers of workers, middle managers and managers on their rights and responsibilities, improving working conditions in global supply chains and changing lives. QuizRR and Solidaridad are now inviting global brands with headquarters in the Netherlands to join the initiative. The goal is to expand the collaboration across Europe to provide accessibility to tangible, measurable and scalable training solutions on workers’ rights and responsibilities, worker engagement and wages management. Initially, the focus will be on the Chinese and Bangladesh markets.

About QuizRR

QuizRR provides digital solutions for companies to manage risk and increase business opportunities in global supply chains through digital training of employees in employment rights, responsibilities, safety, dialogue and wage management. Currently, more than 40 global brands and their suppliers are driving change through training with QuizRR in 126 factories located in China, Bangladesh and Mauritius. For further reading, see

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