Solidaridad Annual Report 2018 signals growth throughout the network

Solidaridad exceeded its own targets by supporting more than half a million farmers, miners and workers in 2018. With improved capacity and expertise throughout the network, Solidaridad is now set to address the challenges of the future, according to results outlined in the Solidaridad Annual Report 2018 released today.

As awareness of environmental challenges continues to mount, both private and government players increasingly recognize that a sustainable, climate-resilient approach to global trade is key. To address these challenges, Solidaridad’s global network:

  • Worked with over 632,000 farmers, miners and workers to adopt good practices.

  • Engaged diverse stakeholders in more than 330 projects, which helped to improve the income of 235,000 producers. 

  • Brought nearly a million hectares of land under climate-smart management practices.

The year 2018 proved itself to be quite challenging, globally speaking. While awareness continued to grow around the subject of sustainability and the desperate state of our planet’s environment, we recognize there is a huge amount of work to be done if we want to slow, and ideally put a stop to, the already devastating impacts of climate change. – Mariam Dao Gabala, Chairperson of the International Supervisory Board

Solidaridad Executive Board of Directors, 2018

From left to right: Jeroen Douglas (Director Policy and Programmes), Nico Roozen (Executive Director), Sebastian Teunissen (Director North America), Isaac Gyamfi (Director West Africa), Heske Verburg (Director Europe),  Michaelyn Baur (Director Central America), Gonzalo la Cruz (Director South America), Rachel Wanyoki (Director East and Central Africa), Shatadru Chattopadhayay (Director South & South-East Asia), Mandla Nkomo (Director Southern Africa)

Highlights of 2018

The past year has seen growing collaborations between Solidaridad centres and partners within the local communities, and the sharing of expertise as well as facilities. Highlights include:

  • In 2018, the Solidaridad South and South-East Asia and China regional offices joined together to form one continental office: Solidaridad Asia.

  • The formation of the Kenya Coffee Platform and coordination of sustainable landscapes initiatives were highlights of regional engagements in East & Central Africa.

  • Solidaridad signed new contracts with the European Union, Achmea, Norad among other donors. A new palm oil climate programme supported by the Dutch government positions Solidaridad very well to work on sustainable change and attract more funds in Europe.

  • The Sustainable Water Fund project in Southern Africa ended with stellar results proving that building a well-resourced team matched with great partners is a prerequisite for achieving impact.

  • Solidaridad West Africa managed to reach an ambitious fundraising target of 20 million euros.

Overall, this has been a year of significant progress for the global Solidaridad Network. It is in good shape to face the challenges that lie ahead while continuing to fulfill its mission to improve supply chains for both people and the planet.

The Solidaridad Annual Report 2018 summarizes achievements and celebrates the difference Solidaridad staff has made in the lives of farmers and their communities across the globe.

Read more about our impact in the Solidaridad Annual Report 2018