Solidaridad Names New Director for East & Central Africa

The Solidaridad Network has appointed Rachel Wanyoike as the new Managing Director of Solidaridad East and Central Africa as of 1 October.

Rachel Wanyoike will be taking over from the incumbent director Karugu Macharia who has been at the helm of the Regional Expertise Centre since its inception 10 years ago. Karugu, who opted for voluntary retirement, will be with Solidaridad up to the end of the year as he orients Rachel into the position. Speaking in Nairobi, Kenya, Rachel said,…

I am excited and honoured to be joining the Solidaridad Network and the East & Central Africa team, who have a long standing reputation of excellence both globally and regionally.


Rachel is a climate policy and development professional with a strong background in designing and implementing impact-driven development projects across sub-Saharan Africa. Her wealth of experience and skills are in the areas of management, policy planning and strategy development in climate change innovations, renewable energy and project resilience.

This experience was acquired over time while crafting practical and sustainable solutions for government, private sector, UN organizations and other development partners, both in Kenya and the United Kingdom. Previously, she worked with EcoSecurities Limited in Oxford – United Kingdom, Camco Advisory Services (K) Limited in Nairobi, and KPMG in Nairobi and London.

Rachel holds both a Bachelor’s of Law with Honours and a Master’s of Science (MSc) in Public Policy and Human Development degree. She has the full range of managerial competencies in organizational and administrative development, project and financial management, stakeholder engagement and relationship building. She also has long standing interest in encouraging positive change for local communities, promoting sustainable livelihoods and advocating for multi-stakeholder engagements.


Rachel's core objective is to ensure Solidaridad's continuity in:

  • offering quality solutions that unlock Africa’s agricultural potential
  • facilitating strong business linkages for smallholder farmers
  • strengthening sustainable commodity trade at national, regional and global levels
  • promoting inclusive and sustainable agribusiness value chains

When reaffirming her commitment to serve Solidaridad, Rachel said,…

With Solidaridad East & Central Africa’s professional and dedicated team, I look forward to developing strong national and regional programmes that foster systemic change, and grow our position as an industry leader in sub-Saharan Africa.

To address the unique challenges in East and Central Africa, Rachel will leverage the skills and experience of the region's dynamic team to deliver solution-driven, socially responsible, environmentally sound and profitable supply chains across the region.

Welcoming Rachel Wanyoike on board marks an exciting period within Solidaridad, as she joins the league of accomplished professionals within the Network to bring about change that matters to an essential region in Africa.

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