Solidaridad supports Kering brand Gucci's purchase order of certified gold

In a major milestone towards meeting its target, this week Kering brand Gucci made its first purchase order of 30 kilograms of Fairmined-certified gold. The gold, which was delivered in a fully traceable chain, was produced by the certified Peruvian small-scale mining company Sotrami.

Over the past two years, Solidaridad and Kering, world leader in apparel and accessories, have built a relationship based on a shared vision for better conditions in the gold supply chain. 

Connecting gold mines to global markets

Kering works together with Solidaridad to help enable Kering to meet its goal of sourcing 100 percent responsible gold from verified operations that do not have a harmful impact on local communities, wildlife or the ecosystems that support them. Solidaridad was instrumental in introducing Kering and Sotrami, and in evaluating the options for linking the two companies in a complete supply chain from mine to market.

Certification as a tool

Solidaridad views certification systems as useful tools to reach this goal. Certification can bring benefits, such as a price premium, once the producers are audited and the auditors decide that the mine complies with the certification criteria. Fairmined Certification is a system designed and managed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), which will also work with Solidaridad and Kering. Third-party auditors ensure that Fairmined gold produced by the mines meets the standard’s criteria for social and environmental practices.