Sustainable orange project earns award from the Citriculture Center of São Paulo

Since 2019, the Fruto Resiliente project, implemented by Solidaridad, has worked to expand sustainable orange production in Brazil. The project was recently singled out for excellence in technical assistance for orange producers.

The award highlights the work carried out by “Fruto Resiliente” to strengthen small orange growers in Brazil. Photo: Ederson Batistela/Solidaridad

Solidaridad received the Centro de Citricultura Award at the 48th edition of Expocitros, Brazil’s most prominent event in the citrus sector. The award recognizes Solidaridad’s work with the Fruto Resiliente: Strengthening Sustainable Orange Production in Brazil project, which provides technical assistance and rural extension services to small-scale producers as they adopt sustainable practices.

The award is given each year to organizations that make significant contributions to the development, growth, and maintenance of the sector at both the state and national levels.

“Receiving this award is a recognition of the work carried out by many hands, in partnership with other institutions and a committed team that loves what it does,” said Rodrigo Castro, Director of Solidaridad in Brazil. “This tribute symbolizes the unity of all parties involved in finding a solution that benefits the producer, the sector, and the consumer. We are happy and honored because it shows us that we are on the right path.” 

Rodrigo Castro: “The award is a recognition of the work carried out in partnership with other institutions and by a team that loves what it does.” Photo: Ederson Batistela/Solidaridad

Solidaridad also had a booth where attendees had the opportunity to meet the team, watch videos featuring some of the 300 participating producer families, share their experiences, and register for the project. 

“The award reflects the producers’ need for information when they encounter challenges such as pests and diseases, and it provides them with strategies to enhance their production success,” says Éder Cardoso, Solidaridad’s field coordinator.

More than 40 producers supported by the project visited Solidaridad´s booth at Expocitros. Photo: Ederson Batistela/Solidaridad

Besides overall recognition for Fruto Resiliente, Giovana Lopes, a participant in the programme received the Citrus Grower Day Award at the event. Giovana is an agronomist and producer who manages the citrus farm in Ubirajara, in the state of São Paulo that her parents established 15 years ago. The property is considered an exemplary model of sustainability.

“Growing oranges is my life. It is the art of planting, watching it grow, and harvesting fruits that can feed an entire nation. It is leaving a legacy for many generations,” said Giovana.

Giovana Lopes leads her family’s orange farm and was recognized for her expertise in sustainable production. Photo: Ederson Batistela/Solidaridad


Fruto Resiliente  is a pre-competitive initiative in partnership with the prominent organizations in the juice and beverage sector: Cutrale, The Coca-Cola Company,Coca-Cola Foundation, Innocent Drinks and Eckes-Granini.

The project currently supports over 300 producer families and aims to reach around 500 families by the end of 2024. Producers in the project receive personalized technical assistance and group training that covers the different stages of orange production.

Field days are important moments for producers to reinforce what they have learned and meet the requirements demanded by the market. Photo: Solidaridad

The Fruto Resiliente Projecthas been endorsed by the Sustainable Agriculture Platform (SAI) as equivalent to the bronze level of the Farm Sustainability Assessment 3.0, which provides producers with assurance that their production meets international sustainability criteria recognized by the market . 

“SAI’s validation provides producers with the assurance that their practices adhere to both national and international standards. This recognizes the positive impact of the work being carried out in the sector,” said Guilherme Ortega, the project coordinator.