Video: Transforming the gold sector from mine to market

Solidaridad engages with partners worldwide at each level of the supply chain to create a socially responsible, ecologically sound gold sector. We support mine workers on good practices, use tools such as certification and work with buyers, policymakers and financial institutions to increase incentives for good practices across the value chain. In this video, we share a look at our work in Ghana, from mine to market.

Solidaridad supports 18 artisanal gold mines in Ghana. The way gold is currently produced in Ghana has severe negative consequences for the environment, miners and surrounding communities. In this video, we show how we support the artisanal mines Key Empire and Gold Bank to produce responsible gold. The miners are now producing more safely, with less use of mercury and in an environmentally conscious way. On the market side, we partner with companies to support responsible sourcing and to connect their supply chains to certified gold. By doing so, we hope to accelerate the transition to better practices in the gold sector.

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