Jeroen Douglas: Rebel with a Cause

A very special episode of Jeroen’s Douglas’ breakfast brief. Jeroen is leaving Solidaridad and while we will certainly be back with you with another podcast at some point in time, this is the finale of this specific series. A final episode with reversed roles! This time, Jeroen can explain us what his breakfast looks like. But there is more to discover: why is Jeroen leaving? And what does he see as Solidaridad’s biggest failure? 

Jeroen Douglas

 Join us as we sit down with Jeroen, ​o​ur visionary leader, and a rebel with a cause, who has spent 30 years at the forefront of global change. In this episode, we delve into his transformative journey, from idealistic beginnings to the complex realities of today. Discover the insights, the wisdom, and the unwavering determination of a man who still believes in making a difference every day. I​ promise you a conversation that will ignite your own sense of purpose and leave you inspired to take on the world. 

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