Affirmative Gender Actions and Inclusivity: 2019 Annual Report

Solidaridad Asia is equipping women with the knowledge and skill sets to be able to voice their ideas, opinions, and decisions. The 2019 Annual Report details the actions and programmes undertaken to promote gender inclusivity within the sector and region.

Flower farming was included in the Alternative Livelihoods training.

What a dichotomy: we see predictions of a drop of 50% in the GDP of many nations as the Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc, and on the other side we read a recent Mckinsey study suggesting that narrowing the global gender gap in work would not only be equitable in the broadest sense but could double the contribution of women to global GDP growth between 2014 and 2025.

The Gender Inclusivity Report by Solidaridad Asia for the year 2019 discusses contributions towards the latter. The building blocks were laid in 2017-2018, and create the foundation on which inclusivity actions for 2020 and beyond will be constructed.

We will strive to ensure increased participation of women in the formal economy and considering the impact of Covid-19, emphasis will be provided to see how inclusivity actions can repel the negative impacts.

Affirmative Gender Actions and Inclusivity: 2019 Annual Report