AMBITION 2020: Multi-Annual Strategic Plan

In 2016, Solidaridad launched its new multi-annual strategic plan, AMBITION 2020. With this new strategy, Solidaridad positions itself as a 21st century civil society organization with a solution- and market-oriented focus. A summary and update of this plan can be downloaded below.

Solidaridad AMBITION 2020: Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (PDF)

The AMBITION 2020 kick-off in Ghana


Markets are becoming legitimate channels for social and ecological change, but most market processes are part of the problem. Solidaridad is seeking to turn business practices into part of the solution. The driving concept for this is market transformation. Markets can only produce more desirable social and ecological outcomes through the interaction between good governance, corporate social and ecological responsibility and innovative civil society contributions. Public-private sector partnerships will be increasingly important for leveraging change.

The International Supervisory Board and government leaders launch Solidaridad's new five-year strategy.


Solidaridad designed a Theory of Change and defined result areas for the next five-year period:

  • good practices
  • robust infrastructures
  • landscape innovations
  • enabling policy environments

These four result areas contribute to two overarching aims: sustainable and inclusive sectors, and sustainable landscapes. At the highest level, the result area has to contribute to more sustainable and inclusive social, environmental and economic development.

Good practices in agriculture will remain a focus point for Solidaridad's work in the years to come. We can only make a difference in the field by directly working with farmers.

For details about AMBITION 2020, please download the strategic plan below.

Solidaridad AMBITION 2020: Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (PDF)