Follow the Food: Policy Brief

Follow the Food Project set out to investigate the impact of foreign investments on African food production for world markets and to identify business models that will provide a sustainable future for local smallholders.

Follow the Food Project, implemented in Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia, is a research-based project funded by NWO-WOTRO, looking at foreign investments in African food production and identification of business models for smallholders. The project also investigated the benefits smallholder farmers and businesses derive from adopting an inclusive business model and the possibility of replicating it in other value chains.

Five thesis studies on different value chains were conducted in Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana and recommendations documented. This policy brief was written based on three thesis studies conducted in Kenya on mango, avocado and French beans value chains and contains suggestions on the different responsibilities/actions that businesses, smallholder farmers, the government and development agencies can undertake to improve the food and nutrition security situation in Kenya. 

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