Gender Analysis Report: Madhya Pradesh

It is crucial to understand the socio-economic gaps between women and men in a household or community, and include these insights in the program solutions. A gender analysis was conducted by Solidaridad in the non-intervention area of Madhya Pradesh to understand the issues and challenges faced by women.

Gender analysis paves the way for inclusive programmes and actions by providing specific and relevant information on the status of women. The soy growing areas of Madhya Pradesh were selected given Solidaridad’s long presence in the area and intentions to expand programming based on current data. 

Solidaridad used an adapted version of Oxfam and UN’s gender analysis framework that looks at participation, access, control and welfare, and distills them to arrive at the level or degree of vulnerability and capability. 

The findings suggest that women in the soybean producing areas of Madhya Pradesh are highly vulnerable. Despite active participation in agricultural activities, they are marginalised and side-lined. The results of this study will directly inform planning strategies and actions to initiate gender inclusive social change programmes. 

Gender Analysis: Madhya Pradesh