Global demand for animal products is expected to increase considerably as a result of population growth and rising incomes in many regions of the world. If we fail to address this growing demand with sustainable means, we can expect the levels of emissions in the livestock sector to rise further. This means that natural resources will also be further endangered.

Solidaridad believes that change can only take place if we work with farmers first, listening to their needs and building support infrastructures in the food sectors they supply to. In a new e-flyer, we present and explain the Solidaridad vision and proven solutions for climate-smart livestock.

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Whilst the livestock sector is responsible for an estimated 12-25% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, it currently receives only 0.01% of the available climate funding (i.e. 63 million US$ of the total 650 billion US$). Moreover, many livestock owners are living in arid and semi-arid regions that are extremely vulnerable to climate change. They are thus among those who experience the impact of climate change the most. 

Solidaridad works on constructive solutions to make the livestock sector more sustainable, both socially and ecologically. This Solidaridad e-brochure has been especially developed to inform interested parties about our work in this sector, and provides an insight into Solidaridad’s vision, approach, and (global) experience. 

If you share our vision that livestock farmers can be climate-smart with the right support they require, please contact one of our experts to discuss the options for collaboration. 

Please contact:

Jan Maarten Dros (Climate Innovation and Fund Manager), 

Gert van der Bijl (International Programme Manager Livestock – Beef and Leather),

Catharinus Wierda (International Programme Manager Dairy), 

You can also reach out to one of them through our front office desk: +31 (0)30 272 0313.


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