Nationally determined contributions report

Transforming our food systems is critical for environmental sustainability and climate resilience. In order to achieve this, we have to look at solutions for food production, distribution, consumption, and waste that are nuanced and country specific. Solidaridad in partnership with Global Alliance for the Future of Food have developed a food systems assessment framework and have conducted case studies for 4 countries to assess the incorporation of food systems in their national climate plans (Nationally Determined Contributions or NDCs). 

The countries that informed our contribution to the framework include South Africa, Kenya, Egypt and Senegal, however the report includes countries in regions like Europe, Asia and South America. These assessments, country case studies, and a summary report highlight the opportunities for governments to use food systems transformation to drive significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions, as well as other health, environmental, and social benefits. Read more about the report here or download the publication below.

Download the publication:

Read the Assessment of food systems in Nationally Determined Contributions