Palm oil impact 2016: Solidaridad projects gaining momentum in Central America and China

A series of leaflets published today describes Solidaridad’s palm oil projects and impact in several crucial regions of the world. In Colombia, for example, Solidaridad was able to improve working conditions for about 4,000 palm oil producers, thanks to the collaboration of partners in the Sustainable Trade Platform (STP). Solidaridad has also helped set up the Smallholder Education Hub in Jambi, Indonesia. In addition, Solidaridad’s Sustainable West Africa Palm Oil Programme (SWAPP) continued to make great strides in that region.

Solidaridad Facts & Figures:

  • 15 mills committed to the Sustainable Trade Platform in Colombia

  • 2,186 independent smallholders trained in good agricultural practices in Indonesia

  • €1.5 million in seed capital invested in sustainable mill upgrades in West Africa

  • 3,400 farmers completed financial literacy training in West Kalimantan


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