RECLAIM Sustainability! 2021 Progress Report

The RECLAIM Sustainability! programme is a partnership working to strengthen civil society and foster inclusive sustainability in global value chains. The ultimate goal is to elevate the voices of farmers, miners, workers and citizens, and ensure that these voices are well represented in decision-making processes. In this progress report 2021, the consortium reflects on the progress, achievements and lessons learned in priority regions and supply chains.

The report also highlights key activities undertaken as part of the Global Innovation and Digitization, and the Global Linking and Learning goals of the programme. 

Progress highlights in 2021

  • Important dialogues about regulation and instruments for sustainable production and trade have rolled out in over 13 countries.
  • Identified partnerships and opportunities to develop and test 5 digital tools that aim to strengthen farmers’ and miners’ bargaining position, distribute value over the value chains, and improve transparency.
  • Twelve campaigns initiated at the local and global level to raise awareness, and provide a platform for farmers, workers and citizens to have their voices heard on issues related to unsustainable and non-inclusive production and trade.
  • A strong civil society is at the core of our work, and fundamental to facilitating civic engagement. In 2021, we consulted with civil society groups, collected and published evidence to inform debates, and created and convened new partnerships to discuss and develop better mechanisms in support of sustainable production and trade. 
  • We have worked alongside 151 civil society groups to enhance their lobbying and advocacy capacities, and facilitated their attendance at important events and venues.

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For more information on RECLAIM Sustainability!, please visit the programme page.

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