Solidaridad Network 2015 Annual Report

According to the recently published Annual Report 2015, Solidaridad supported close to 1.5 million producers last year. Solidaridad also spent about €42 million in its targeted regions in 2015 with cocoa and palm oil programmes receiving the largest investments. The annual report provides clear examples that demonstrate Solidaridad’s impact from the global to the local level, as well as detailed information about results and partnerships.

In 2015, in a review on a global scale, the Solidaridad Network reviewed its commodity programmes and the implementation of strategies for moving beyond certification. The process, and the results, have led to a new five-year strategy for intense, transformative action before 2020 that is outlined in the strategy section of the annual report.

The annual report also gives specific information about challenges, results and partnerships for each of Solidaridad’s global commodity programmes. In addition, Solidaridad's regional expertise centres across the world provide insight into a wide range of programmes Solidaridad is implementing at the local level.

As this report emphasizes, Solidaridad is strongly committed to collaboratively setting new norms, delivering well-targeted programmes, and working with influential partners both globa
lly and locally to accelerate the pace of change. – Solidaridad Executive Director Nico Roozen

With a new strategy and ongoing organizational growth, Solidaridad is adapting now to meet the challenges of the future. The Solidaridad Network implementation budget continues to grow each year, which is an indication of the increasing support from external donors and partners.

Read more in the Solidaridad Network 2015 Annual Report