Solidaridad South and South-East Asia

Space to grow

Asia’s growing population (expected to reach 5.3 billion by 2050) is leading to shortages of land, water and energy. Solidaridad is taking an integrated approach, working with leading businesses to develop more efficient farming methods.

Achievements and partnerships:

  • Solidaridad and Hindustan Unilever Foundation have launched one of India’s largest water efficiency programmes. The aim is to save up to a trillion litres over three years in 38 districts across nine states. The programme will affect 700,000 hectares used to cultivate sugarcane, cotton and tea, and involve 780,000 workers and smallholders.
  • In Bangladesh, a sustainable dairy and aquaculture programme is securing food supplies for 200,000 people. The plan has been devised in partnership with EKN in Dhaka.

Textiles: Safety first

Tragic accidents in Bangladesh brought home the challenges that face the textile industry. Solidaridad is working with factory and mill owners in Bangladesh, India and China to address social and environmental problems. Our approach focuses on training, technical support, developing skills and increasing capacity.

Tea: Infusing trust

Soldaridad is involved in the Trustea programme, which aims to establish sustainable production in the Indian tea market, and The Lestari scheme in Indonesia. Our partners in India are the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), Hindustan Unilever Ltd and Tata Global Beverages.

Sugar cane: Sweet results

Solidaridad has joined forces with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and four milling companies in India in a project supporting small-scale sugarcane growers. It aims to reduce the amount of water used for irrigation and promote financial literacy.

Cotton: Clean distinction

Solidaridad has a programme running in India under the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to improve labour conditions and access to water while reducing pesticide use.

Palm oil: In credit

Verité is developing a labour assessment tool that certification bodies can use to compile better audits and implement Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) standards more effectively.

Solidaridad is also working in partnership with the Keling Kumang credit union in West Kalimantan and a local dealership in the Cargill supply chain in Malaysia.

Livestock: Fresh approach

A project to improve food security for dairy farmers has begun in Bangladesh. The scheme immediately attracted the attention of the Dairy Sustainability Framework, which is now working with Solidaridad.

Our Farmers Support Programme (FSP) works with farming families in projects across Africa, Asia and Latin America to improve best practice and connections in local and international markets.

Aquaculture: Widening the net

A significant number of fish and shrimp farmers have signed up for Solidaridad’s new aquaculture programme.

About half the producers are exclusively shrimp farmers, while the rest have freshwater polyculture farms.

They are given support to adopt better working practices and marketing strategies that bring in more income while protecting the environment. Private sector companies, including major retailers, and international shrimp buyers are included in the business cases.


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