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A new executive director for Solidaridad

Solidaridad is happy to announce that Andre de Freitas has accepted the position of Executive Director of Solidaridad. The new director will officially assume the role on the 15th of March 2024.

28 February 2024

Andre de Freitas

Solidaridad Latin America and RSPO form alliance for sustainable palm oil

A partnership between Solidardad and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) promises to promote sustainability programming in Latin America’s palm oil sector. Designed to increase the certification of sustainable production, the newly-signed agreement will spark regional collaboration and communication, while bolstering efforts to maintain Latin America’s environmental leadership in the production of palm oil.

22 February 2024

In memoriam: Francisco Petrus vander Hoff Boersma (1939-2024)

At the age of 84, Frans van der Hoff passed away in his familiar surroundings in Barranca Colorada, Ixtatlepec, Oaxaca in Mexico. Frans was an eminent partner of Solidaridad for decades, always looking for new ways and better solutions to achieve social justice. Solidaridad’s honorary president Nico Roozen reflects on decades of friendship and collaboration with Frans van der Hoff…

20 February 2024

Frans vander Hof
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