Bonsucro: Standard for 'better' sugarcane

In Bonsucro, farmers, producers, NGOs and big brands collaborate to support an increasing number of sugarcane producers in making their production sustainable.


To improve the social, environmental and economic impacts of sugarcane production.


Sugarcane production provides millions of jobs around the world as well as key inputs for the food, fuel and chemical industry. The sector has a long history of labour rights issues and negative environmental impacts. But there is a growing momentum for change. Solidaridad is there to assure that the interests of the worlds smallholders and land labourers are taken into account.


  • Solidaridad is an active member of Bonsucro. Sven Sielhorst, who heads up Solidaridad's international sugarcane work is also in the Board of Bonsucro.
  • Solidaridad has helped shape the Bonsucro production standard as well as other instruments of Bonsucro.
  • Solidaridad has a producer support program focused at supporting farmers to work towards compliance with the standard. It contains projects in India, Pakistan, Malawi, Honduras, Brazil and Belize.
  • Solidaridad has organized Bonsucro implementer trainings in Malawi, India, Argentina and Bolivia to help extensio staff as well as farmers to understand the Bonsucro standard.
  • Results

The first Bonsucro certified sugarc and ethanol hit the market in June 2011 in Brazil.

The first Bonsucro certified ethanol entered Europe in November 2012


  • Solidaridad is one of the most active members of Bonsucro.
  • Members of Bonsucro include Bacardi, BP, Coca-Cola, Cargill, Kraft, Shell, Tate&Lyle, Unilever, WWF, Raízen and various producer organisations.