Training and certifying soy family farmers

Solidaridad’s Soy Producer Support Initiative supports more than 800 soy family farmers in South Brazil. They are trained by Gebana in reducing the negative effects of soy cultivation and assisted in obtaining certification.


To train and certify around 3000 soy family farmers in responsible soy farming within 3 years.


The market for soy is rapidly growing and offers enormous opportunities, but family farmers do not benefit. The Soy Producer Support Initiative makes sure that family farmers can actually participate in the market for responsible soy.


  • Training of farmers on responsible soy practices.
  • Farm visits and discussing progress with farmers.
  • Introduction of Internal Control System.


Around 850 farmers (with 9600 ha)participated in first year. Farmers have to meet 55 sustainability criteria, of which 18 are implemented now and 37 possibly later. Gebana supports them to work according to the RTRS principles. Crops should be non-GM, farms should be under 50ha and there is additional attention for reduction of pesticide use.