Sugarcane is one of the fastest-growing commodities across Mexico and Central America.  Solidaridad has partnered with the region´s leading sugarcane producers to launch PanAmericaña, a multi-stakeholder platform of sugar mills across Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras to improve production, labour conditions and standards across the industry.

PanAmericaña partners with nearly 20 mills across the globe to improve best practices and facilitate the enabling conditions and infrastructure in an effort to achieve globally-recognized certifications standards, such as BONSUCRO.

PanAmericaña is actively developing tools to build capacity, initiate and strengthen multi-stakeholder platforms at the national level, and facilitate both producer-to-producer and virtual knowledge and exchange platforms at a regional level. These efforts accelerate the adoption of sustainable management practices and create dialogue spaces that contribute to advocacy and policy influencing.

PanAmericaña private sector interest has grown with momentum – in 2016 alone, participation grew from two to 17 mills. Regional sugar associations are also joining this unprecedented initiative.  

Through the PanAmericaña platform, Solidaridad is instrumental in scaling the ¨Water.Shade.Rest¨ approach regionally to mitigate Chronic Kidney Disease of non-Traditional Causes (CKDnT), ensuring improved occupational health field and factory workers.

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