Rehabilitation and renovation

In recent years, coffee agroforestry systems in Mesoamerica have been devastated by a leaf rust outbreak that reduced productivity up to 60-70%. In Mexico alone, 300,000 families depend on coffee as their primary income source.

Between 2013 and 2016, through NORAD funding, Solidaridad developed a validated technological package that accelerates coffee rehabilitation and renovation through the introduction of leaf rust-resistant varieties while it also helps with the intensification and diversification of production systems, leading to increased income, food security, farmer efficiency, and resilience. This proven model called BACK (Bringing Agriculture, Carbon and Knowledge) to REDD+ is now ready for replication in Mexico.  Uptake of this model and integration with a sound financial investment framework will strengthen climate-vulnerable value chains and put the supply base on the path to sustainability, and with a number of climate-smart coffee initiatives in the region, Solidaridad has full potential for replication.

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