Producing sustainable cotton

In Mozambique, Solidaridad has successfully worked with one of the largest cotton producing companies, João Ferreira dos Santos (JFS), since 2012 to ensure smallholder cotton producers are equipped to produce more sustainable cotton. As the programme has grown, Solidaridad has focussed on improving infrastructure and the application of innovative cultivation techniques to enhance smallholder yields and better environmental management.

In South Africa, Solidaridad has driven implementation of the Better Cotton Initiative amongst smallholder cotton producers with the programme supporting over 600 producers in 2017. The Southern Africa Partnership for Sustainable Cotton and Food Security project has gained momentum both in Zambia and Mozambique. In total, 16,979 smallholders (8,112 in Zambia, and 8,867 in Mozambique) as well as 29 extension workers and community organizers have been capacitated to grow more sustainable cotton.

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