Solidaridad introduces Fairtrade Fairmined gold

Artisanal and small-scale miners work under the most severe and unsafe labour conditions. Their production is limited and the price they receive is usually far below the international market price. The Fairtrade Fairmined scheme works on improvement of labour conditions and income.


To support 3 miners’ organizations in Fairtrade certification and market linkage by the end of 2010.


Solidaridad sees a big potential to work on poverty alleviation in the artisanal mining sector. This sector employs over 11 million people, mostly in the least developed countries.


  • Direct support to several miners’ organizations in Latin America and Africa.


In collaboration with our main partner, the Alliance for Responsible Mining, Solidaridad promotes the compliance of ASM mining groups with the Fairtrade Fairmined standard.

The Fairtrade Fairmined scheme aims to improve the labour- and social conditions and less environmental impact of 3 artisanal miners’ organizations. This includes:

  • democratic governance
  • more gender equity
  • respect of the ILO conventions 
  • responsible use of chemicals
  • mining within a policy of spatial planning 
  • proper waste management
  • a better price for the gold produce
  • linkage to added-value markets


Location: Colombia, Bolivia, Peru; expansion underway in Ghana and Eastern Africa.
Duration: Ongoing with continuation over the next 4 to 5 years.
Partners: Alliance for Responsible Mining