Training cocoa farmers for UTZ certification

In November 2009, the first UTZ CERTIFIED cocoa in the world was delivered in the harbour of Amsterdam. The cocoa was produced by cocoa cooperatives COOPAGA and CAFD in Ivory Coast, who receive producer support from Solidaridad’s Cocoa programme.


Training of cocoa farmers to enable them to produce better quality beans and higher yields, and to become UTZ CERTIFIED.


The producer support that is offered to COOPAGA and CAFD in collaboration with Cargill, consists of a pilot project to test the newly developed UTZ certification code for cocoa. Certification increases the value of products, and provides producers with a stronger market position.


  • Facilitate the sustainability team of Cargill Ivory Coast and the cocoa farmers of COOPAGA and CAFD in training, improving farming practices and setting up the control system to become and continue to be certified.


  • COOPAGA and CAFD became UTZ CERTIFIED and delivered the certified cocoa that was used to produce the first sustainable Mars bar ever.


Target group: cooperatives COOPAGA and CAFD
Location: region San Pedro (West Ivory Coast)
Duration: 1 year project
Budget: € 100.000
Partners: Cargill, COOPAGA, CAFD, Anader (extension service of Ivory Coast)