Annual Report 2022 Out Now

Amidst increasing polarization and a fragmenting world, we continue to see progress and the impact of Solidaridad’s work in making value chains more sustainable. In 2022 we supported 1.4 million small-scale farmers. As a result, 3.4 million hectares of land are now farmed with good agricultural practices, profiting both communities and nature. In addition, we improved the working conditions of over a million workers and miners and worked with companies, processors and government in favour of sustainable policies that truly benefit small-scale farmers.

Infographic featuring the 2022 Solidaridad achievements


Over the course of 2022, Solidaridad worked with 1.4 million small-scale farmers in low- and middle-income countries. They received training in sustainable and profitable production practices and gained improved access to essential services and inputs. As a result, farmers are now applying these practices on 3.4 million hectares of farmland. Much of this work was made possible by the development of innovative digital solutions that allow more farmers to access the information they need to produce sustainably and profitably. We intensified our efforts to improve working conditions for workers and miners, which reached no less than one million people.

We also joined with companies, processors, and governments to develop and implement policies and practices that truly benefit small-scale farmers, workers and miners. Our work influenced 20 policies and helped improve mandatory sustainability frameworks. Though hard to measure, this important work has a ripple effect that leads to changes at a systemic level. 

Recognition of our progress, tempered by challenges

Our pride in these results is tempered by the significant challenges ahead of us: increased global fragmentation, shrinking space for constructive dialogue, polarization, poverty and climate change, to name a few. We see – and hear – from farmers about the increasing struggle to meet sustainability requirements, while at the same time not earning sufficient income to maintain these practices and support their families. And though the costs of living and farming continue to rise for farmers, the prices they earn for their produce often stay the same or decrease. 

What’s required is a fundamental shift in how we steward our planet’s resources and honor those who work close to the land and depend on it for their livelihoods.

What’s required is a fundamental shift in how we steward our planet’s resources and honor those who work close to the land and depend on it for their livelihoods. We work towards these more fundamental changes with our innovation programmes. This includes amplifying the voice of small-scale farmers at the policy level, promoting fair, inclusive access to the data economy and carbon markets, or leveraging digital tools. 

We recognize that our work is far from over, and that there is always much more to be done. We remain confident that with your continued support and partnership, we can make a real difference in the lives of many more individuals and communities in the years to come.