Partners in the Landscape Approach: Solidaridad joins 2015 Paris Climate Conference

An international team from the Solidaridad Network will share expert knowledge, practical experience and innovative solutions at the Global Landscape Forum of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference in December. The 2015 Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) is the leading platform for bringing together individuals and organizations that have an impact on land use. The event is expected to be the largest meeting on the sidelines of the international climate conference.

With a team of professionals from its international network in South America, West Africa and Europe, Solidaridad will bring expertise to the table from multiple commodity programmes around the world such as sugarcane, soy, palm oil, livestock, cocoa and coffee.

The 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) brings together world leaders to establish an agreement aimed at stabilizing the climate and avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. (Photo by: COP Paris, Flickr Creative Commons)

Join Solidaridad at the LPFN Pavilion on 6 December

Solidaridad is co-hosting a side session in the Landscape for People Food and Nature (LPFN) Pavilion on the topic The Role of Business and Markets in the Landscape Approach. The session will be held on Sunday, 6 December from 13:55 to 14:40. During this discussion, Solidaridad experts will dive deeper into the challenges and opportunities for businesses, share practical experiences on how companies can take responsibility in the landscape approach and how stakeholders can work together within production landscapes.

Sharing expertise in sustainable economic development

Solidaridad has a well-established track record of more than 30 years in working with companies to improve their practices in the supply chain, from field to fork. Major challenges around land and water use, such as deforestation, land degradation and depletion or contamination of water resources, are challenges that go beyond the reach of the supply chain and require a multi-sector and multi-stakeholder approach. Together with government authorities, civil society, academia and local communities, the private sector plays an important part in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

From our experience in working with farmers and companies in agricultural supply chain initiatives, we know that the landscape approach can break global challenges such as sustainable development and climate change down to a local reality, motivating government, private sector and civil society to act and work together. – Katie Minderhoud, Agriculture Market Developer for Solidaridad

Solidaridad understands what financers, governments and businesses need and how to coordinate with local organizations and farmers in the supply chain. Solidaridad maintains several Regional Expertise Centres around the world, where experts on the ground have relevant knowledge, local experience and contacts. Solidaridad facilitates coordination of efforts in landscapes by bringing together stakeholders from a specific area. Using this approach, an analysis can be made of shared problems and consolidated solutions can be found.

Learn more about Solidaridad's successful initiatives for a more sustainable landscape with the private sector in coffee production and other global commodities.

Meet the team


  • Daniel Knoop – International Programme Coordinator, Aquaculture
  • Jan Maarten Dros – International Programme Coordinator, Palm Oil
  • Sven Sielhorst – International Programme Coordinator, Sugarcane

The Netherlands:

  • Yvette Faber – Coffee expert
  • Katie Minderhoud – Market Developer, Agricultural Commodities

West Africa:

  • Isaac Gyamfi – Managing Director of Solidaridad West Africa
  • Nicholas Jengre – Smart and Sustainable Land Use Coordinator

South America:

  • Joyce Brandao – Landscape Specialist, Cocoa and Palm Oil Programme Manager

Join Solidaridad at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference on 5 to 6 December. For more details or to make arrangements to meet the team, please use the contact information below.