Solidaridad joins leading global network for sustainable landscapes

Solidaridad is pleased to announce it has stepped up its engagement in promoting and strengthening integrated agricultural landscape management by becoming a co-organizer of the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative (LPFN). Solidaridad has begun a learning journey with the launch of seven new landscape programmes in July this year. For this reason, cooperation with the LPFN Initiative is increasingly important to Solidaridad.

Farm management in Kenya

A focus on farmers and business

The LPFN is a global network of more than 70 conservation, development and agriculture organizations who champion integrated landscape management at the landscape, national and international levels. The initiative plays a key role in mobilizing knowledge on the landscape approach and coordinating efforts in policy making, finance and private sector engagement.

From being an active strategic partner in the past years, Solidaridad has now become a co-organizer to bring a specific focus on advancing the role of farmers and businesses in the integrated landscape initiatives.

Solidaridad has a unique position and track record in mobilizing the private sector and farmers in supply chain development, which are exactly the players that need to be involved in integrated landscape management. – Katie Minderhoud, Solidaridad Market Developer for Agricultural Commodities

Tackling sustainability challenges together

For Solidaridad, there is much to contribute to the landscape approach that is based on experiences of LPFN partners. There are many challenges yet to explore, such as how to strengthen multi-stakeholder landscape initiatives within global supply chains and how to connect businesses and investors to these initiatives. The LPFN provides a go-to portal for knowledge and tools, as well as a network of partners to work with.

By coordinating efforts, Solidaridad aims to build on and contribute to the evidence that will convince policymakers and the private sector of the business case for integrated landscape management to make sustainable landscapes a reality on the ground.

About LPFN

Founded in 2011, the LPFN Initiative is co-organized by Biodiversity International, EcoAgriculture Partners, the Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO), Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Government of the Netherlands, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), World Agrofore
stry Centre (ICRAF), World Bank, and World Resources Institute. The initiative links and adds value to the many landscape initiatives and networks already in place worldwide, and coordinates action to improve the enabling environment for integrated landscape management. To learn more, visit