Complying with zero-deforestation agreements in Colombia: barriers and opportunities

In the framework of the Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) 2020 global initiative and the TFA Colombia Zero-Deforestation Public-Private Partnership 2020, different actors have committed to eliminating deforestation from the supply chains of beef, dairy products, palm oil and cocoa. This study seeks to identify and evaluate the needs and barriers faced by the companies that signed these agreements in order to comply with the commitments made and to share opportunities for overcoming these barriers.

While Zero-Deforestation Agreements are an important starting point for eliminating deforestation in value chains, signatory companies require increased internal efforts, enabling conditions, support and tools to accelerate the implementation of their commitments.

This study includes a high-level roadmap that presents opportunities tied to identified barriers, their corresponding value chains, the actors involved and the types of resources required for their implementation. This roadmap will enable companies to make progress towards achieving their Zero-Deforestation commitments, both at individual and collective levels.

Complying with zero-deforestation agreements in Colombia: Barriers and Opportunities