Good farming, good energy

Agriculture can help to fight climate change, preserve biodiversity and foster the sustainable use of natural resources.

Forests, crops, oceans and the reduction of organic waste are the main areas where impactful and feasible changes can happen. Sadly, a significant amount of agricultural byproducts “waste” remain underused. The lack of appropriate resource stewardship, results in a great deal of cases where such byproducts are either neglected or simply set on fire before sowing new crops.

Underused biomass offers a unique opportunity to improve not only agriculture, but other sectors. There are cases where underused biomass stocks have the potential to power nations, or serve as raw material for the production of chemicals and other goods which could strengthen the Circular Economy and help to address the climate emergency.

This report collects the views on biomass generated from sugarcane agriculture in Brazil and its possible use for power generation in the Netherlands. In this project, Solidaridad talked to relevant stakeholders in Brazil and the Netherlands about the potential of Sugarcane Biomass (SCB) to become a commodity; the benefits that the exploitation of this type of biomass could bring to the environment and local communities; as well as the risks and possible problems in both countries.

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Good Farming, Good Energy