Empowering cooperative partners for an inclusive future driven by data

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This new paper with Fairfood explores the impacts of our joint project in the coffee value chain in Uganda. Piloting an inclusive traceability approach with the additional – but equally important – goal of better distributing value throughout the coffee chain, Fairfood and Solidaridad hereby present a feasible solution for coffee actors wishing to stay ahead of the regulations and go beyond compliance. This project is implemented as part of our joint RECLAIM Sustainability! programme.

In this paper, the reader will find out more about the Ugandan coffee sector, and how Fairfood and Solidaridad are working with the coffee cooperatives in Uganda to build a sustainable business model for farmers. We work closely with our Ugandan partners Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union (ACPCU) and the social enterprise Ndugu.

The main three ingredients of this approach are:

  • Ownership, consent and ethical data usage: The ethics of data mechanization
  • Tailor-making a business model: Building capacity and installing premiums
  • Incentives: Creating a market demand for data products

Download the full paper to find out more and get in touch with us!

Download full paper here