Mid-term review of RECLAIM Sustainability! programme

In 2023, Solidaridad and partners Fairfood, TrustAfrica and Business Watch Indonesia commissioned the mid-term review of our joint RECLAIM Sustainability! programme (2021-2025). This programme is implemented in strategic partnership with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as part of the Ministry’s policy framework ‘Power of Voices’. 

In RECLAIM Sustainability!, the consortium partners have joined forces to collectively achieve the shared strategic objective that the interests, voices and rights of farmers, workers and citizens are well represented in inclusive and sustainable global value chains.

The full mid-term review report, carried out by In-Depth Consulting and Sustainable Supply Chain Consultants, can be found here. The mid-term review concerned the programme period of 1 January 2021 – 31 December 2022. 

Management Response

This mid-term review was an opportunity for the RECLAIM Sustainability! programme consortium to reflect on our shared progress and collaboration, to identify corrective actions to achieve, and hopefully to exceed, our programme results by 2025, as well as inform our strategic plans post-2025. The participatory approach used during the mid-term review process (including stakeholder reflection & learning workshops and field case studies) has been received very positively by the consortium partners as well as programme stakeholders, as it enhanced opportunities for inclusive  strategy consultation and strengthened partnerships. 

We are encouraged by the findings of the review and, where opportunities for improvement have been identified, we have already started addressing them. The consortium continues to engage in adaptive programming to ensure positive change that results in long-term sustainable impact for the programme’s target groups and communities.

You can read the full Management Response of the RECLAIM Sustainability! consortium below, including the recommendations from the mid-term review report and the respective follow-up actions.

Management Response to RECLAIM Sustainability! Mid-term review