Growing the future: Lessons from Climate Smart Agriculture

Cover graphic from the report, Growing the Future: Harvesting Lessons from Climate-Smart Agriculture

Building on lessons from more than nine years working in climate-smart agriculture (CSA), Solidaridad releases this case study that considers the socioeconomic and environmental benefits of CSA in coffee, cocoa and livestock producers.

The study analyzes models that have been implemented to increase the adoption of climate-smart practices based on results from Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Results were not as straightforward as expected with some cases generating a “carbon cost” where emissions increase in the first stage of implementation, but subsequently decrease as productivity increases.

The study looks at the results of different mechanisms that markets and governments can implement to increase uptake of climate-smart production. The mechanisms include regulations, like the current European Union legislation on deforestation, as well as market differentiators like “climate-smart produced” products. Practical and rooted in real life examples, this case study contributes to the debate over nature-based solutions for climate change, the benefits these solutions can provide to producers, and the role that markets and governments can take to promote them.

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