Solidaridad North America

Partnerships with key stakeholders

Solidaridad North America works to build partnerships with North American based companies, civil society organizations and government agencies. Solidaridad serves as an adviser to North American consumer goods companies and private foundations on opportunities and risks within supply chains, market-based solutions, and continue to innovate to achieve sustainability targets.

Since 2012, Solidaridad North America has been increasing the visibility and reputation of Solidaridad within the region. With staff in San Francisco, New York and Washington, Solidaridad is ready to work with organizations across the country and Canada. There is a tremendous opportunity to expand the impact of Solidaridad by building partnerships with key stakeholders in North America.

Creating change that matters

In close cooperation with the network’s global supply chain teams and regional expertise centres, Solidaridad North America works to identify opportunities to increase the sustainability of 12 supply chains, and mobilize resources to achieve measurable results. We welcome the opportunity to speak with potential partners about how we can leverage our strong global network and on-the-ground supply chain expertise to find innovative solutions to improve production.

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    Sebastian Teunissen

    Managing Director, Solidaridad North America

    2120 University Avenue Berkeley, CA 94704 USA