Advocacy for Change Final Report 2016-2020

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With the Advocacy for Change (AfC) programme, implemented in 2016-2020 in strategic partnership with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Solidaridad has worked towards increasing civic space for farmers, miners and workers to enable them to stand up for their rights and claim a better position in the supply chain. In this final report we look back at our strategies, our implemented programmes and achieved results under the AfC programme. 

The AfC programme had a strong focus on fostering a multi-stakeholder approach, inclusive dialogue, civil society strengthening, and women’s participation. Together with our local partners, we have designed and implemented 41 programmes across various regions worldwide to promote participation and inclusion in supply chains. One of the main premises of Advocacy for Change is that achieving genuine sustainability on a large scale not only requires supporting producers but also stimulating an enabling policy environment.

Overview of focus countries under the Advocacy for Change programme 2016-2020

We have therefore geared our efforts in this programme towards increasing civic space, strengthening the capacity of local stakeholders, and fostering gender inclusivity. Our multi-stakeholder dialogue approach and ‘boots and brains on the ground’, with a trusted and neutral position in the local communities where we work, were key in enabling our advocacy efforts. 

With Advocacy for Change’s successor RECLAIM Sustainability!, we have been given the opportunity to continue our work towards achieving genuine and inclusive sustainability in global value chains, where the voices of farmers, miners, workers and citizens are well represented in decision making, civil society is strengthened, and gender and social inclusion are prioritized.

Advocacy for Change Final Report 2016-2020