Palm Oil Barometer 2022

The first global Palm Oil Barometer presents an in-depth review of the state of the palm oil industry today.

The oil palm is a high-yielding crop grown by millions of smallholder farmers in many countries across the tropics and, under the right conditions, this crop can generate a living income while the farmers work in balance with nature. However, all too often the conditions are not right. Smallholder voices are rarely heard. They don’t feel ownership over their own futures. They receive too little in return for their hard work, and are forced to take unfair financial risks. All these factors put limitations on how great a force for positive change oil palm can be. 

The report was written with the input of smallholder representatives from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Through the experiences they share it becomes clear that market dynamics have led to unfavorable prices and incomes for oil palm smallholders. While they struggle, food and consumer goods manufacturers and retailers reap the profits in the supply chain. In addition, we find that governments in consuming and producing countries do not fully support smallholders to farm in the most sustainable way.

The Palm Oil Barometer opens the floor to all stakeholders. How can we reach a fair value distribution if farmers’ voices are not heard? How do we ensure oil palm smallholders are included in the global market? This report sets the stage for a lively discussion that we hope contributes to feasible solutions that work for the smallholders who feed the world. 

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